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The research unit of ageing and old age medicine at the Medical University of Graz offers comprehensive competence and experience in national and international research projects on the topics of integrated care, digitalization in health care and prevention with a main focus on the promotion of individual resilience in older age. The analysis of topics of interest from fundamental research, to applied and clinical research, implementation and evaluation enables a contribution to innovation from research to regional, national and international market economy within the framework of a unique research environment.



Auenbruggerplatz 15, 8036 Graz 
T: +43 316 385 78056


  • Development of ecosystems
  • Integrated care
  • Tertiary prevention
  • Implementation and scaling up of educational training
  • Implementation of D-Health
  • Training research: curriculum development and development of learning objectives catalogs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Development of care pathways in different care settings


Entwicklung eines Qualitätsstandards für die konkrete Umsetzung einer gesunden Ernährung im Setting Wohn- und Pflegeheim

  • Development of quality standards for residential and long-term care facilities that serve as a supportive tool in the implementation of "healthy" and individualized nutrition in residential and long-term care facilities for seniors in these settings.
  • Duration: 2021
  • Funded by: Commissioned research by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection
  • Contact person: Christina Lampl
  • Website:

NECTAR: an EU Curriculum for Chef Gastro-Engineering in Primary Food Care

  • Development of an EU curriculum for cooks in healthcare, which will be tested through 5 pilot courses in Austria, Belgium, Italy and Portugal. The aim is to close the gap between the skills currently offered by cooks and chefs in healthcare and those actually required by healthcare institutions.
  • Duration: 2020-2023
  • Funded by: European Commission, Erasmus+
  • Project partners: Odisee (Belgium), Reference Site Collaborative Network - RSCN (Belgium), Si4Life Scrl (Italy), IPSEOA Marco Polo (Italy), Regione Liguria (Italy), Regione Campania (Italy), IST BACT Foundation (Italy), Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Albufeira (Portugal), University of Algarve (Portugal), Vienna Institute for Labor Market and Educational Research (Austria), Chamber of Commerce Styria (Austria).
  • Contact person: Carolin Herzog
  • Website:

Vigour: Evidence-based Guidance to Scale-up Integrated Care in Europe

  • The aim of this multinational care project is to achieve visibility and accessibility of models of integrated health care - especially for the elderly - in 15 participating European regions. In the project, step-by-step analyses of the current situation of care for the elderly in these regions will be carried out and, based on this, optimizations of the processes of care will be implemented. The entire process will be evaluated with evidence-based instruments of quality assurance and the data will be made available internationally.
  • Duration: 2019-2022
  • Funded by: EU Health Programme (2014-2020)
  • Project partners: empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH (Germany), Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute (ProMIS, Italy), EIPonAHA Reference Site Collaborative Network (RSCN, Belgium), Stichting International Foundation for Integrated Care, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Federico II (Italy), Medical University of Lodz (Poland), Fundació Institut Guttmann, Consejería de Salud y Familias de la Junta de Andalucía (Spain), University of Twente (Netherlands), Regional Health and Social Care Board (Northern Ireland), Regional Agency for Public Health and Social Well-being (Northern Ireland), University of Valencia (Spain), University of Crete (Greece), ASUGI (Italy), University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy), University of Parma (Italy)
  • Contact person: Sonja Lindner
  • Website:

StoryAIDEU: Humanizing Healthcare Education through the use of Storytelling

  • In order to expand healthcare education, a storytelling coursebook and learning tools will be developed for all healthcare professionals to access.
  • Duration: 2019-2021
  • Funded by: European Commission, Erasmus+
  • Project partners: International Network for Health Workforce Education (Spain), Institute of Technology Tralee (Ireland), Vysoka skola zdravotnicka (Czech Republic), StoryAID Limited (United Kingdom), Agenfor Italia (Italy), Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii, Prawa i Nauk Medycznych im. prof. Edwarda Lipinskiego w Kielcach (Poland)
  • Contact person: Valentina Wagner
  • Website:

Erarbeitung von Diagnose-, Therapie- und Zuweisungspfaden für physische Bewegungseinschränkungen ausgehend von einem auffälligen TUG-Test, Barthel-Index und IADL bei geriatrischen Patientinnen/Patienten

  • Development of further pathways for diagnostics, therapy and allocation in connection with physical movement restrictions of geriatric patients, based on an abnormal TUG test, Barthel index and IADL. The aim is to create a practical decision aid with a focus on the general practice sector, including the delineation of responsibilities (cf. general practitioner as primary contact point).
  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • Funded by: commission research of the Competence Center Integrated Care (CCIV)
  • Contact person: Carolin Herzog
  • Website:
The team of the research unit with team leader Regina Roller-Wirnsberger