Clinical Trials

In clinical trials, new medical procedures are tested and checked for their efficacy, effectiveness and safety. They are an important tool for improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Med Uni Graz is a reliable partner in providing scientific know-how and expertise for clinical trials. Institutions such as the Coordination Center for Clinical Trials and the Clinical Trials Unit see to it that compliance is achieved with all quality standards.

Our service centers

Speak to us if you are planning a project. Good preparation requires sufficient time for clarifying organizational questions and guarantees that the trial progresses according to schedule.


Clinical Trials Team

The Clinical Trials Team is the first point of contact for industrial partners when it is time to draft and review contracts and budgets for clinical trials.


Research Management/Clinical Trials Team 
Klinische Studie

Coordination Center for Clinical Trials (KKS)

The Coordination Center for Clinical Trials takes on project management and monitoring of clinical trials for companies that cooperate with the Medical University of Graz, seeing to the implementation of and compliance with legal requirements and quality standards.



Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

The CTU is a center for Phase 1 studies. It provides infrastructure and services for investigator-initiated trials (IIT) as well as for clinical trials in cooperation with or on behalf of companies.

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Biobank Graz provides all services from planning and coordination of workflows for establishing a cohort to storage of specimens in compliance with high quality and ethical standards in the sense of a one-stop shop. Our standardized and certified processes create conditions for carrying out effective specimen management as part of clinical trials and other medical research projects. The collections thus established are valuable resources for reproducible analytics in the context of basic research and translational research.

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