Examinations & counseling centers

Examinations and counseling centers

In addition to research and teaching, the Medical University of Graz is responsible for cutting-edge medical care for patients. This service is provided by the18 departments of University Hospital Graz and the four Med Uni Graz diagnostic and research centers.

Our services for your health

Genetische Beratung

Genetic Counseling Center

The Genetic Counseling Center is a point of contact for patients and physicians. The genetic makeup of an individual, which is also called the genome, encompasses all heritable information about a human being. Variants or changes in the genome can cause certain diseases or influence susceptibility. For these reasons, genetic information can be highly significant for individuals, couples or families in the diagnosis of diseases, individual life planning as well as decisions regarding the desire to have children. This information is obtained from genetic testing.


Travel medicine and vaccinations

The Vaccination Clinic and the Travel Medicine Counseling Center provide the following services to anyone requiring them:

  • General vaccinations and travel vaccinations
  • In-person and telephone vaccination consultation
  • Blood tests
  • Travel medicine consultation

Water hygiene and environmental hygiene

Our water hygiene services:

  • Testing of water samples
  • Assessment, consultation and information regarding all issues related to water hygiene

Our environmental hygiene services:

  • Microbiological testing of environmental samples
  • Testing of sewage sludge
  • Testing of cooling lubricants
  • Emission and immission measurements
  • Testing of plant extracts

Hospital Hygiene

The Hospital Hygiene area is the interface between the lab areas and the clinical area or physicians with private practices. Simple and quick communication allows questions related to patient results from microbiological diagnostics—whether of a therapeutic or a hospital hygiene nature—to be answered fast and efficiently. This occurs in close collaboration with the Section of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine of the Department of Internal Medicine.


Clinical Forensic Medical Examination Center

The Clinical Forensic Medical Examination Center at the Medical University of Graz offers victims of physical and/or sexual assault forensic medical exams and trace evidence analysis. Individuals who have been affected are also informed about additional care opportunities.



Your pathologist

  • assists you in taking action to prevent cancer
  • provides the basis for decision-making regarding your therapy
  • helps ensure the quality of your treatment