The heads of our diagnostic and research institutes are primarily tenured professors or proven experts in their fields at the Medical University of Graz who pool their scientific competence in studies, research and diagnostics. Their statements provide insight into the specializations of their institutes.

Gerald Höfler

Gerald Höfler, Pathology

"We investigate tissue and cells using the most modern methods in order to determine the causes of disease and thus enable new therapeutic approaches."

Michael Speicher

Michael Speicher, Human genetics

"The primary focus of human genetics is on the human genome. It is an interdisciplinary area of medicine that is essential to diagnostics, therapy and prevention of numerous diseases."

Ivo Steinmetz

Ivo Steinmetz, Hygiene, microbiology and environmental medicine

"Our research into infectious disease is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and international cooperation. A broad spectrum of scientific methods guarantees a high standard of quality in teaching and microbiological diagnostics."

Peter Grabuschnigg, Forensic Medicine

"We see ourselves as the indispensable interface between the legal and medical systems—wherever criminal acts are accompanied by injuries or even lead to death, forensic medical analysis can make a considerable contribution to clarifying the facts of the case."