Our professors are proven experts in their fields at the Medical University of Graz who pool their scientific competence in studies and research. Their statements provide insight into their specializations.

Dagmar Kratky

Dagmar Kratky, biochemistry

"Dysfunction of lipolytic enzymes causes common metabolic diseases. Our research group investigates the role of these proteins with the long-term goal of developing new, innovative treatment strategies."

Josef Smolle

Josef Smolle, new media in medical knowledge transfer and processing

"We provide digital learning scenarios including recording of lectures, interactive seminars and microlearning. We support instructors and students in learning independent of time and place and also promote the reconciliation of family and studies or career."

Regina Roller-Wirnsberger

Regina Roller-Wirnsberger, geriatrics and competence-oriented curriculum development

"Our strength is international and interprofessional research and teaching on the topic of aging and geriatrics for future generations of health care workers. Our academic work is founded on person-centered and integrated care for older people and those with comorbidities and responds to current questions with groundbreaking solutions and concepts."

Heinz Sill

Heinz Sill, leukemia research

"Our research aims to shed light on mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in leukemia and help to improve patient survival."

Marius Nickel-Palczyński

Marius Nickel-Palczyński, psychosomatics and psychotherapy

"Our hospital is a pioneer in inpatient psychosomatic care in Austria. Aware of our responsibility in psychosomatic and psychiatric treatment in Austria, we play a leading role in shaping the perception and advancement of this discipline."

Kurt Zatloukal

Kurt Zatloukal, pathology with a special emphasis on molecular pathology

"Our goal to better understand the interaction between genetic and environmental disease factors should provide the basis for better diagnosis of diseases connected with lifestyle and aging and their avoidance through personalized preventive measures."

Rudolf Stauber

Rudolf Stauber, clinical hepatology and liver failure

"Our goals are high-quality and internationally networked research in the area of liver failure and evidence-based assessment, treatment and management of patients with chronic liver disease."

Helena Schmidt

Helena Schmidt, genetic epidemiology and susceptibility diagnostics

"Only when we are able to slow down aging will we achieve a long and healthy life. Thus our goal is a better understanding of aging and its plasticity in humans. We examine genetic predictors of aging and how their effects are modulated by lifestyle and environmental factors."

Harald H. Kessler

Harald H. Kessler, hygiene, microbiology and environmental medicine

"The Molecular Pathogen Diagnostics lab conducts PCR analysis of the highest quality. This guarantees optimal patient care and is the basis for high-quality research and teaching."

Hermann Toplak

Hermann Toplak, medical training and lifelong learning

"Continuous learning in degree programs and lifelong development of knowledge, skills and competences are the main emphasis of my work at the Internal Medicine Teaching Unit and in the continuing education unit of the Styrian Chamber of Doctors. Especially exciting is how physicians and dieticians are also studying together in the master's degree program in Applied Nutrition Medicine that we have conducted with the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences since 2011."