The observership program allows international medical students and medical doctors to obtain a glimpse into the Austrian health care system, to become acquainted with best practice methods at a high medical level and to gain clinical experience through observation.

The observerships take place at University Hospital Graz of Med Uni Graz. Depending on the department and division, participants become acquainted with new techniques and treatments, converse with doctors and observe operations or other invasive procedures.


General information

As a participant, you may not actively contribute to patient care and have the status of an observer (hands-off training). Several divisions offer specialty observerships that permit you to gain more intensive observational experience and receive training in special techniques. Each participant in the observership program is matched with a Med Uni Graz faculty member who serves as a mentor during the training. During the observership at our university hospital, you have the opportunity to build up valuable professional and personal relationships with our doctors.


Language skills

Communication in the hospital (between hospital staff and with patients) is in German. Supervisors translate the most important content for you into English. German skills are recommended but not absolutely necessary.

Application and deadlines

No new applications for an observership are currently being accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact and further information

Eva Weixler 
T: +43 316 385 71628